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Interview with Karla Kassaneth:

“Jazz On The Rocks” represents my transformation.

Karla Kassaneth is waiting for her introduction and entrance onto the stage while her bandmates perform an exceptional jazz improvisation with their eyes closed. They play the bass, drums, and piano beautifully. When Karla finally comes up, she looks elegant, graceful, and expressive. With her voice, she leads the audience to experience the magic of Jazz On The Rocks.

When Karla steps off the stage, she is the mother of a 19-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy. For her, they are the most important things in her life. “They are the engine; they see me as if I were a superhero, but they have saved, motivated, and given me that strength when I thought I wasn’t going to find it. I have a phrase that I have always said: of course, I like to grow, and of course, I am interested in many issues such as moving forward, but I, before being a woman and anything else, I was a mother and very happy to be one”, she says.

Karla’s maternal family was predominantly bohemian during her childhood. The relatives used to bring musical instruments to every gathering. “You know, the cousin who had an excellent singing voice and played the guitar was always super cool. So, I really liked all that music. On my father’s side of the family, they had different aspirations for me, but eventually, they supported my dreams. The last gift I had from my father, may he rest in peace, just before he died, was the piano. So, I felt it as a green light to live my dream,” says Karla.

From the tender age of 9, Karla embarked on her musical journey in her hometown of Guadalajara, undeterred by her family’s initial disapproval. “By the time they realized, I had already completed my music studies at the Hospicio Cabañas and was halfway through my journey to becoming a music instructor. Their only choice was to acknowledge my passion and say, ‘Ah, I guess she really wants this’”.

While her musical repertoire spans from trova to regional music, salsa, and Latin, it was jazz that truly captivated Karla. “My understanding of jazz was limited at first, but as I delved deeper, I was enthralled by its intricate nuances, its ability to play with everythingnot just the instrument or the voice, but also the body. It was a love affair that transformed me,” she shares.

Karla came to Los Cabos in 2005 to work as an exclusive singer in the hotel industry. The clientele at the time requested jazz songs, which allowed her to meet more singers. However, it wasn’t until she heard Ella Fitzgerald that Karla fell completely in love with jazz.

“Jazz On The Rocks is my sanctuary, my musical home. When I started, I had little to my name, and life was challenging. But jazz, with its musical, spiritual, and emotional demands, pushed me to grow. This stage represents my transformation, and I am filled with joy and gratitude for the talented musicians I have the privilege to learn from every day,” Karla expresses with a smile.

Karla has come a long way, with trips to Miami, new stages, and challenges. However, she still remembers continuing to dream, just like the little girl who used to run away to take her music classes in Guadalajara. Recently, she has been thinking about recording a jazz album and throwing her wish out into the universe. With her passion and talent, maybe her dream will finally come true.

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Jazz on the Rocks’ location is at the highest point of Sunset Monalisa restaurant, entrance by Misiones at Cabo San Lucas.Carretera Transpeninsular Transpeninsular Highway Km 5.5, Misiones del Cabo, 23455
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, México.


Open every day – 4:00pm to 11:00pm
+52 624 105 8970

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